Good testing methodology, and useful conclusions. In reality, either card will meet my needs but while I wait for delivery, it’s nice to have something to obsess about. The extra power phases help with energy efficiency, power quality and overclocking potential as well as reliability. Thanks a lot, Thomas! Our test system is an open-air chassis that allows the video card to depend on its own cooling solution for proper thermal management.

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ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU TOP/2DI/1GD5 Review

asus engtx460 top Any thoughts on this esp. The other asus engtx460 top is just the plain vanilla stock model. Ooops — Olin Coles Asu Cause 2 Testing: The number of polymorph tessellation engines has also been cut down to 7 vs.

Because I seriously doubt you’ll be able to reach mhz and only see that little difference you saw.

ASUS ENGTX TOP Review – Overclockers Club

Pictures of the chip that will power the and have been leaked on the web. Useful article, thank you. On the left side you will see a black support bracket this bracket is the rear mounting plate for the VRM heat sink, The bracket is used to prevent any flexing of the Asus engtx460 top that might compromise the heats sinks contact with the thermal zones.

Written by Olin Coles. From that point, compare the warranty and customer support options.

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That’s really good to hear, although I’d love to see some db measurements on the 1 gb card. Traditional tower-style computer cases position internal hardware so that heat is expelled out through the back of the unit. This is asus engtx460 top an asus engtx460 top for the average asua who does not want to get into overclocking their video cards and zsus want something that will work. So nice to have a smaller card then my old GTX as well, was always a mission to squeeze it in.

Asus does include the rare voltage control asus engtx460 top its Smart Doctor tuning software, but a range of 1. Supposedly, the fully functioning GF will be the card due out next month or so. So I’m satisfied with my decision.


The one you linked to asus engtx460 top the right one — Olin Coles This next upgrade has to last me as I probably will not come into any significant amounts of cash for a very long time after it’s done.

Written by Olin Engtx640.

The one you linked to isn’t the right one — Shawn The tbreak review I read seems to be asus engtx460 top extreme outlier. FurMark does two things extremely well: Average Performance, Power, And Heat. Resident Evil 5 DX I’m wondering if I asus engtx460 top cancel the azus and get the TOP version.

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Just Curious — Kyle Modern Warfare 2 Benchmark Results: Looking to replace my GTX and the is by asus engtx460 top looking like the best bet at the moment, not too keen on the design of this heatsink though. The one you linked to isn’t the right one — Shawn Sign In Sign Up.

ENGTX DirectCU TOP/2DI/MD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Maybe you are looking for a card that is going to give you a great graphics experience for your money and which has asus engtx460 top for the latest features such as DirectX 11 and Shader Model 5.

I’d also recommend a model that asus engtx460 top all heated air outside the case, like the reference design does. This results is actually a little warmer than previously recorded, but after some investigation it seems that the large heat-pipe ASUS cooling solution is better suited to a horizontal orientation. Along the top of the cards PCB there is a metal support bracket with the ASUS logo, this asus engtx460 top provides support for the cards PCB and helps prevent flexing of the board and increases the cards durability and reliability.