How much a static image is retained on a monitor screen after a certain amount of time. The navigation is intuitive but buttons are hard to press. On the other hand, the Dell can handle reflections slightly better and this great if you place it in a room with many light sources behind you. Dell in the News Dell Newsroom. The luminance at which the pre-calibration reading was done. How much of the Adobe RGB colorspace a monitor can display at different luminosity levels, normalized to the monitor’s peak brightness. See our recommendations for the best Hz monitors.

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Amount of color bleeding that appears across the screen vertically. They are shallow and can be hard to press at times, and can hurt your fingers because they’re small and stiff. Image looks very washed out at an angle Blacks are gray and cloudy.

Those viewing it from the side will not have the same viewing experience to those who look straight up front. Brightness of shades of gray. Color Shift from Above. Even slight deviations from the middle angle and the monitor loses color accuracy, blacks wash out, and brightness fades.


How much of the Rec. Premium visuals fit for a champion. This is mainly due to the monitor keeping a good color and black accuracy and good brightness levels when viewed from above. Want to see us review a specific monitor? The performance of the pixel response time. Bright highlights, persistent during a scene. Average inaccuracy of colors. This tool will clearly show you the differences.

Whether it has a feature that controls the LEDs behind the LCD layer, to match the picture and darkens the dark portion of it.

Analog Audio Out 3. Fall See changelog and how ratings work. General usage as well as gaming. The editor uses special characters aka.

The lowest frequency covered by the monitor’s Variable Refresh Rate feature.

When consuming or producing HDR content. Dell Alienware TactX Headset AYA Built with a custom-engineered soundscape and optimized to single out key in-game sounds, this headset can definitely give you a clear advantage against your opponents.

The OSD has a shortcut key option, which can bind options like volume to a quick menu to save time. Dell Solution Centers Customer Engagement.


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Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

Coverage of the Rec. Discussions Which revision did you have to test? Press Releases Dell Newsroom. It is not, however, very noticeable in normal content. Effectiveness of the local dimming.

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Lowest input lag possible at the center of the screen, when the monitor is displaying an alternative resolution at its native refresh rate. Switch Between Systems Changing between systems has been greatly simplified with a wide range of connectivity ports, letting you switch from PC gaming to your secondary gaming console without rearranging cords.

Convenient switching Changing between systems is now easier than ever. The ultrathin bezel lets you enjoy a seamless dual or multi-monitor setup for your battle station. The gray uniformity is very good.