The technology is sound and does deliver benefits in a package that has the almost reassuring looks of something familiar. Defending champion Justin Thomas and four-time winner …. Several functions may not work. It is Simply Speedy. Being sure that the fitter juiced up the monitor, I asked to see the settings and found them un changed.

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Did the Jetspeed perform better for you than the sldr?

Taylormade Jetspeed Driver – IGolfReviews

I’m 68 yrs old and have aadjust low back injury for many yrs and my golf swing is not really very fast. If, however, you like to mess with settings then the SLDR is probably the better option.

I actually don’t notice much of a difference in face angle than when I had it at the stock setting. A fair question and one for which TaylorMade has the answer in its pocket.

TaylorMade JetSpeed driver

His buddies were now my BandonDunesGolf blog post in… https: Now the SLDR is very low spin which is why they are telling everyone to loft up, but the JetSpeed performed more like a ‘normal’ driver for ball spin and launch so how to adjust jetspeed should suit amateur golfers more how to adjust jetspeed it will enable them to get the ball up in the air.


Look for the JetSpeed driver to land in stores on Dec. While some might see it as step backwards, I actually think it is a step in the right direction. Jdtspeed job writing this review it was definitely helping me feel more comfortable about getting the jetspeed.

JetSpeed how to adjust jetspeed the place of the RocketBallz Stage 2, so TaylorMade is continuing its two-family philosophy regarding woods.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. A couple minor adjustments are more than enough and then just a head that flat out performs.

Tough call; we all like to hit the long ball further. Here is something new. I mean, if you are gonna buy a new driver then you might as well get the newest new driver right?

Jetdpeed driver loft adjustments Started by jswjrSep 30 Better than the SLDR? I play about a rounds a year but don’t tell my boss. How to adjust jetspeed big difference is if you want to make adjustments.

It is Simply Speedy. December 14, by Adam Staelin. You currently have javascript disabled.

how to adjust jetspeed Just prior to trying this driver I had was using the Taylor Made RAZR and had a hard time keeping my drives on line and was fadding right alot. And now that it is almost 3 years old you can get it really cheap. It would look even better without them, but some guys are going to like what those lines offer.


Just bought a JetSpeed driver. It may give you a 5 degree difference in face angle or it might not. Overall, I really do like this club. Adam Staelin September 16, at 4: I am how to adjust jetspeed self admitted not tweaker of my clubs but I think I may try dialing it jetsperd some loft.

Taylormade Jetspeed Driver Review | Three Guys Golf

Advertise with us Privacy Terms. TaylorMade’s speed pocket is a groove cut into the sole of the club to allow the face to flex more. How will those compare? Even so you may jetspeec have to increase the loft on the JetSpeed from how to adjust jetspeed usual loft as jetsped the CG lower how to adjust jetspeed closer to the face means that it will need a little more loft to get the ball on the perfect trajectory.

Bought this club second-hand in the spring of and love it love the irons too. What a great club!