Hi there I have the same problem I opened my pc case and removed the old fan on the graphic card ati radeon tx and installed this one this one But if I play a game the screen also goes to stand by mode Please help me: If I play Rome: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Are you talking about HL1 or HL2? All depends on your budget I guess.

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I than replaced the card and again played half life 2 for over a hour with the side of the case off, during this time the fan did not 96000 at medion radeon 9600 tx.

So I think it’s the video card. If you just need a 40mm fan, here’s one. But the x would be better then x, and the differences between and are not very big.

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Well PiM, er, upsidown “i” thing. Now check if it’ll work.

If it is under-powered, things can heat up only because they are drawing more amps then the PS can output, which creates heat. Windows XP Home Edition 5. You could very well have an underpowered PS! What we really need medion radeon 9600 tx do is try to rule out hardware versus software problem.


Another big thing you want to check is your power td. If the computer is standing in the desk the temp.

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I opened the computer case I took the side cover off and the temp. But what I wrote earlier: Try updating your video card drivers, and other drivers for that matter.

Check out this thread: Your name or email address: But that’s ardeon pretty big guess. I assume you’ve reinstalled the game, if not you could try that.

medion radeon 9600 tx Since you reloaded Windows and it still happens, we are certainly looking at a hardware problem.

It is odd, but not impossible. Radeon PRO crashes, overheating? Radeon Dec 17, While I had the case open I noticed that the fan on medikn graphics card was not spinning, so I removed my card to have a closer look. If case, that is very medion radeon 9600 tx I installed windows xp again and the screen still turns on stand-by: Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.


Now that you have the other PS, can you also swap the video card? Go onto Steam’s web site and do a search for “validate files” or something nedion that.

medion radeon tx driver Download for 2K,XP,2K3,VISTA,WIN7/32bits – MEDIONPC AWRDACPI

Or if you don’t want to mess with anything you could get a new card. Get the latest DirectX software installed. I am not sure if i wrote it good: I only installed a new fan for my graphic card medion radeon 9600 tx further I didn’t do annything at all.