The women then heard a single shot. She feigned death, and the men started kicking her when she did not answer. We cannot say that the TCCA’s determination that Adams’s counsel rendered adequate assistance was unreasonable. Richard Cobb – Page 1. She testified that her injuries affected her school and career options, that she was unable to enjoy her wedding and honeymoon because she was still recovering, and that the lasting effects of her injuries had caused problems with her pregnancy. April 23, at 2: A few moments later, Adams reconsidered, saying that he was afraid the victims would reach a house before he and Cobb could get away.

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Texas executes man for 2002 murder, kidnapping

Reuters – Texas on Thursday executed a convicted murderer who, along with an accomplice, had robbed a convenience store inkidnapping two demen who worked there and a male customer who was later shot dead.

The federal district court denied his petition for federal writ of habeas corpus on July 26, Moreover, given that the Supreme Court has stated the Brady disclosure requirement at a high level of generality, the state court had substantial leeway in deciding whether, in this particular case, the inclusion of the evidence in Cobb’s co-defendant’s file satisfied the prosecution’s disclosure obligation.

Adams surrendered, but Cobb resisted arrest and had to be subdued. Then, the men made all three kneel in the field and shot them one-by-one from behind. Thus there was no reasonable probability that the outcome of the trial would have been different if defense counsel had known about the letters earlier.


Candace Driver | Executed

Adams had won a reprieve from a federal district judge earlier in the week, but the 5th U. We cannot say that the TCCA’s determination that Adams’s counsel rendered adequate assistance was unreasonable.

Adams, however, believed that Kenneth was attempting to untie the women too soon, so he returned and ordered Kenneth to kneel behind the women. They never knew how true those words would be. And on whatever deal he got contacting the parole board or the parole officer, he was revoked and got several months in the other facility. After the women complied, Adams demanded the keys to a Cadillac parked in front of the store. The only information I had concerning an appearance on the Montel Williams’ Show occurred I think the Friday evening after the first week of trial and Ms.

Survivor has been waiting 11 years for execution of Cherokee Co. man

Adams filed a flurry of motions asking various courts to overturn his death sentence on the grounds that he received inadequate legal representation at his trial. I had no knowledge either at the time of trial or since then concerning Nickie Dement writing any kind of book concerning this experience.

We have previously addressed and rejected this argument. At the time of his conviction, Cobb had been working as a temp for a local firm, performing labor tasks in the area.

Later, according to the account, Cobb fatally shot Vandever and either Cobb or Adams shot the two women, both of whom survived. Vandever was killed, while the two women managed to feign death, even though they said Adams fired dmeent at them again and held a lighter up to Dement’s face to make sure she was dead, according to court documents.

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The convicted capital murderer will turn 29 next month, shortly before he is executed. Ex parte Adams, No. Beckworth testified as follows: Point of error five is overruled. He was pronounced dead at 6: But that is not the standard by which either legal or factual sufficiency is judged because the jury could find appellant guilty if he either fired the fatal shot himself or assisted his co-defendant in committing the murder. Beunka Adams, 24, and Richard Aaron Cobb, 22, received death candqce in for the shooting death of Kenneth Vandever, canface mentally challenged man, in We have interpreted Article Adams and Cobb seemingly developed a plan to leave Kenneth untied so that he could free the women once Adams and Cobb were far acndace away from the scene.

Kenneth Wayne Vandever, 24 convenience store customer. I never said no such thing. That process could take between three and six months.

Adams then escorted Dement away from the car and sexually assaulted her. We recently clarified our understanding of the Texas abuse of the writ doctrine in a pair of cases. I am pleased with their decision. My experience in over 20 years of felony prosecution the citizens of Cherokee County and East Texas generally are not real fond of weapons offenses, very difficult to get a jury in a felon in possession with a firearm.

Adams has abandoned this claim by failing to brief it on appeal.